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Alex Rodriguez offered role as drag queen in upcoming independent film

From the gossipy pages of the New York Post‘s Page 6 comes the news that an independent film company is interested in casting New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez in a role for an upcoming biopic about surrealist painter Salvador Dali. The role? A drag queen.

The film, tentatively entitled, fittingly, The Surrealist, will reportedly star Alan Cummings in the title role and producers believe that A-Rod would be perfect in the role of Potassa, Dali’s “factotum social secretary,” who also happened to be a “stunning, leggy drag queen.” Wow.

“It’s quite a good idea and has a serious side to it,” says the director, Philippe Mora. “Dali was obsessed with baseball. Walt Disney used to take him to [games]. At first it sounds hilarious, but it’s a serious [offer].” Mora said the idea to approach A-Rod was cooked up by Richard Dupont, a Dali and Andy Warhol acolyte who also points out A-Rod “has great legs.”

There you have it. While Mora insists that the casting for the film is in its “early days,” here’s a tidbit about the gregarious Potassa, illustrating just how awesome it would be if Rodriguez were to agree to take on the challenging role:

“Potassa would ring everyone and say, ‘Dali’s in town, come meet at this restaurant,’” explains Mora. In 2007, Dupont told New York magazine, “[Potassa was always] wearing a beautiful gown from Oscar de la Renta or Halston, and . . . would run around with a big bottle of Champagne and say, ‘Cham-pan-ya!’”

Oh man. This has got to happen. And who knows? It could open up an entirely new career for A-Rod. Something to think about as he gets up in there in years, with more seasons behind him than in front of him. A-Rod dips his toe into the acting world with this role, and if all goes well, voila! A starring turn in a Clash of the Titans sequel in the role of a centaur. It could happen.

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