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‘SportsCenter’ anchors in Canada funnier than American counterparts (video)

Kids in the Hall was consistently funnier than Saturday Night Live. SCTV was a far superior exercise in sketch comedy television than Mad TV could have ever aspired, let alone accomplish. Mounties are way cooler, in particular their smart outfits, than any American police force. So I suppose it should come as no surprise that anchors on the Canadian version of SportsCenter are far more hilarious than the typically smarmy individuals who sit behind the desk in our American version of the program. I’m not sure how the Mounties angle plays into my conclusion, but at least I managed to sneak in a reference.

Nevertheless, it seems that the anchors up Canada way are much wittier than their American counterparts. Case in point: the below video. While a bit long, this nine-minute highlight package documenting the very best from the madcap antics of anchors Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole is well worth a viewing.

Video follows.

Ha. Great stuff. Canadians get these guys and we get Stu Scott’s “Def Poetry Jam” highlights. Doesn’t seem fair.

One of my favorites from the video, although there are many more: “I know many of you enjoy a delicious bowl of cereal when you watch the Morning Rush edition of SportsCenter on TSN 2, but have you ever poured water on your cereal instead of milk? Well you shouldn’t, because it’s disgusting.”

Ah, that Canadian irreverence: a much more satisfying brand of comedy than the labored efforts typically exerted by American SportsCenter anchors. It reminds me of the brand of humor once utilized by a young, still funny Mike Myers. Those were the days.

But watching that video kind of makes you wish you lived in Canada, eh? Well, that and the great national health care system, but that’s another story altogether.