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Paulina Gretzky spotted prancing about Hollywood in lingerie-esque outfit (video)

A foot soldier from the always advancing, ever-filming TMZ Photog Army captured some provocative images with their camera on Thursday night when they accosted Paulina Gretzky, exiting STK in West Hollywood wearing a skimpy black outfit which bore more resemblance to a piece of lingerie than it did going-out attire. Even by Hollywood standards and especially when it is (admittedly sexily) barely covering the body of the daughter of hockey royalty, one Wayne Douglas Gretzky. Papa don’t preach, but I’m pretty sure that piece of advice would fall on deaf ears.

Wayne Gretzky’s likely infuriated response notwithstanding, it’s nice to see the Twitter Temptress reemerging, back into the public eye where she belongs. Just last week, SoB made mention of the news that Paulina snagged the cover of a hockey fashion magazine, now this little sultry nugget. Glad to have you back, Miss Paulina.