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For a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $275K, this Kentucky Wildcats quilt is yours (pics)

Wildcats Nation is riding high in light of their latest national championship triumph, so what better way to celebrate the grand achievement than plunking down hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy this…quilt?

With an opening bid of $150,000 — which hasn’t been met at the time of the publishing of this post (shocking) — and a “Buy It Now” price set at the tidy sum of $275,000, this one-of-a-kind Kentucky Wildcats quilt is the perfect item for the person who not only lives and breathes Kentucky Wildcats basketball but also is prone to being a little chilly in the evening.

Since I remain somewhat at a loss for words due to the value ascribed to this blanket, er, quilt (don’t want to get the quilters all upset with me), allow the seller of this fine piece of craftsmanship that documents the rich history and grand tradition of Kentucky Wildcats basketball highlight the many wondrous qualities of this here quilt as described in the eBay listing:

The Only (1) in the whole world and can never be reproduced. Began hand embroided in 1994 all the the Kentucky Letterman players names with dates of playing starting from 1903-2012 are on the quilt. The wildcat quilt also had all head coaches and the dates they coached. All NCAA (7) Championships are listed from 1948, 1949, 1951, 1958, 1978, 1996, 1998 ………. Plenty of room to add 2012 Championship on the quilt. Many blood sweat and dears have been put into the greatest creation by a Kentucky Wildcat fan. The reason was wanting to sell the quilt is that I am geting older and have carpal tunnel and eyes not as good as they used to be. Hope someone will love the quilt as much as I do and placing the names of future players to continue the legacy. There are plenty of room to add on for many years. Some of the logos represent Tony Delk, Travis Ford, Mark Pope and our wildcat mascot.

– Authentic Signatures include the following Mark Pope, Josh Carrier, Winston Bennett, Kelenna Azubuike, Antwain Barbour, John Hood, Darius Miller, Deandrel Liggin, Josh Harrellson, Scott Padgett, Tony Delk, Head Coach John Calipari

– The face of the Wildcat mascot was hand embroided, took 6 months to finish to perfect the 3 dimensional look

– The basketball shoes represents Mark Popes number on them

– The wildcat dunking the ball represents Tony Delks and Travis Ford number

– The dimensions of the quilt is 9X9 (King Size)- ONE OF A KIND ITEM Never to be reproduced

A few quick thoughts:

Let us assume that some die-hard Wildcats fan has $275K burning a hole in his or her pocket. That would mean, upon sale, that the maker of this quilt would earn approximately $45,000 per month of work put into the item. That’s a pretty decent chunk of change, even if they devoted an inordinate amount of hours each day in the process. But at least that money would help the quilter seek treatment for their carpal tunnel, which would be nice.

As mentioned in the description and documented in one of the photos below, head coach John Calipari personally put his Herbie Hancock on the quilt. Now, say a few years down the road, trouble that somehow eventually seems to find Teflon John at every stop in his college coaching career does in fact catch up with him in Lexington, thus putting the legitimacy of this year’s National Championship in question. Assuming this occurs, can a quilt be vacated?

Finally, while I applaud the handiwork, hard work and dedication that went into making this quilt — not to mention its historical value and originality — I have to suspect that most reasonable folks find the price tag on the item to be a tad ludicrous, or highly inflated at the least. With that in mind, all I’m going to say is if I’m springing $275,000 — or $150,000 for that matter — on a Kentucky quilt, Wildcats superfan Ashley Judd better be involved and she should be ready to snuggle down under it with me.

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