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Cristiano Ronaldo unimpressed by artist’s caricatured rendition of him (video)

While I am not very knowledgeable about the goings on in the wide world of soccer — and much less so regarding the heartthrob status of the men who play the sport — from what I can gather, Real Madrid star Cristiano Rinaldo is something of a popular fellow within the global soccer community as it pertains to his attractiveness to the ladies. And given what occurs in this video, something also tells me this status as a heartthrob is not lost on Rinaldo himself.

While signing autographs, Ronaldo is presented with a caricature of himself, but to his consternation, it does not adequately represent the attractive qualities inherent to the soccer star’s appearance. Clearly disappointed, the striker tersely says, “This is me? My god, very ugly, eh?”

Yes. Very ugly. But even the most skilled artisans in the world likely would be unable to capture the inescapable beauty that is Cristiano Ronaldo. Don’t believe me? Just ask Ronaldo. He’ll tell ya.

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