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Check out ‘Street Style’, a breakdancing-soccer ball-juggling hybrid thingy (video)

The newest craze with the kids who believe simply messing around juggling soccer balls isn’t cool enough so they added some showmanship to it courtesy of some breakdancing-esque moves is called “Street Style” and believe you me, after watching the above video, your carefree days of leisurely booting around a hackey sack without incorporating a backspin during the session will be long gone. Maybe.

Pimped by Red Bull (of course), Street Style is a soccer ball-juggling performance competition featuring dance elements. Yup, I’m confused, too. Take it away, Wired:

The energy drink empire just released footage from Saturday’s Red Bull Street Style qualifying event in Copenhagen. It would be easy to dismiss this, um, sport if it wasn’t so entertaining. Competitors seamlessly combine dancing with soccer. The rules are as straightforward as they are simple: one ball, two guys and three minutes.

Competitors go head-to-head with remarkable ball-handling skills and moves that would impress the Battle Born crew. They face off in a 27-foot competition area, and each has 20 seconds to wow the judges before passing the ball to their opponent. Judges look for things like style, technique and creativity.

Neato. Call me a traditionalist, but this Street Style will never gain its due respect as an up-and-coming breakdancing hybrid until a movie is made about a group of misfits mastering the craft. Better yet, one movie is not enough: a sequel is needed, preferably with the phrase “Electric Boogaloo” in the title.