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Terry Bradshaw’s daughter signs record deal, is surprisingly attractive (photo)

Rachel Bradshaw, the daughter of Hall of Fame quarterback and current FOX Sports NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw, has signed a record deal with Bigger Picture Group. On Wednesday night, father and daughter had dinner together to celebrate the achievement, and Rachel discussed how she sneakily worked her way into the music business without her parents’ knowledge while attending college in Nashville:

“My parents wanted me to be in college but I came here to find out everything about music and about songwriting, who do I talk to, how do I talk to them?” Bradshaw said. “I spent a few years just meeting people and getting to know everybody I possibly could and I made friends and we’d start to write songs together.”

The younger, prettier and thankfully, much-less-bald Bradshaw is following in her daddy’s footsteps. During his music career, the elder Bradshaw released five albums on various labels after signing a record deal in the mid-1970s, capitalizing on the peak of his popularity during the years he was the Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I suppose I could seek out some YouTube video to properly document Terry’s musical stylings, but I don’t think that would be good for anybody.

Instead, how about a few more photos of the fetching country singer? Yeah, that’s definitely a preferable option. I shudder to think what Terry Bradshaw singing would sound like. Probably something akin to Jim Varney singing Conway Twitty tunes. Knowwhattamean, Vern?

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