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So, uh, Pau Gasol was totally emasculated by Blake Griffin not once, but twice (video)

Since it has been covered extensively on the interwebs since the “Posterization Heard Around The World” occurred Wednesday evening, I won’t devote too much time to the egregious manner in which Blake Griffin metaphorically took Pau Gasol behind the woodshed during the tilt between the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers. But to not at least make mention of it would be a drastic disservice to the violent brilliance of what transpired on the hardwood of Staples Center.

Videos of Griffin’s aerial display (and a superb animated GIF of Bynum’s hilarious reaction to one of the thunderous dunks follows).

The first:

The second:

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick. Such shocking brutality. Those dunks were like basketball versions of Fatalities in Mortal Kombat. “GET OVER HERE!!!”
And Andrew Bynum’s reaction, in animated GIF form:


Ha. Exactly, Andrew. Exactamundo.

(videos via Sports Grid, photo via @si_vault, animated GIF via SB Nation)