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Ron Swanson and Darryl from ‘The Office’ debate Cubs-Sox rivalry in MLB ad (video)

Just like last season, when two characters from NBC comedies took separate sides in a heated MLB rivalry, New Era has once again chosen to go the same route in order to promote the upcoming MLB season. Last year, it was Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock and John Krasinski from The Office who put their loyalties on the line in a series of humorous commercials, this season it’s Nick Offerman, who portrays one of my (and many others) characters in television history, Ron Swanson, from Parks & Recreation and Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl Philbin on The Office. Swanson, er, Offerman represents the North Siders by supporting the Cubbies and Robinson aligns himself with the South Siders and the White Sox.

Overall, it’s a fairly humorous take on the intense, deep-seated enmity that exists between Chicago’s two MLB franchises and festers within their respective fanbases and I look forward to watching the upcoming ads in this upcoming series of commercials, should that be the plan for New Era. Hopefully, that’s the case for Robinson, because if the quality of this season’s episodes of The Office are any indication, it might be the only television gig that poor guy will have going. Not that it will take him long to find another job.

Now, I must be off, as I have some Duke Silver Trio albums to listen to.

[H/T Game On!]