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High school sprinter bites it during race, does ‘The Worm’ at the finish line (video)

According to the girl giggling in the video, this young man’s name is Christian and he was competing in a high school track event in Hawaii. During said race, Christian’s feet got a bit tangled up, resulting in him clumsily stumbling to the track surface. Defeated but unwilling to collapse in a heap of adolescent embarrassment, Christian does the most sensible thing one can do while laying prone on one’s stomach on the ground: he breaks into an impromptu performance of “The Worm,” right across the finish line, much to the glee of the young lady filming the video, who laughs with unabashed glee while exclaiming, “Oh my God, Christian!” Indeed.

Well done, young man. Talk about having the capacity to improvise on the fly and think on one’s feet. Well, had he still been on his feet. You know what I mean.

[H/T Off the Bench]