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Oklahoma City Thunder employee makes rap parody video, gets fired (video)

A man who goes by the moniker “Lunchmeat” has been fired by the Oklahoma City Thunder due to his role in the above video, which features “Thunder Your Butts Off,” a parody of a song by the Wu-Tang Clan.

“Lunchmeat,” apparently in light of his position as a Thunder “Stormchaser,” had the good sense to hide his identity in the video by wearing a mask. Sadly, the video’s description on YouTube tipped off Thunder front office types to his affiliation with the team:

“I wanted to make a Thunder video with my buddy Lunchmeat, but he works for them, so we had to hide his face”

While hardly offensive, it is unknown whether or not “Lunchmeat” was prohibited from making team-oriented videos or what have you, although it is reasonable to assume he was, given the report on Welcome to Loud City (via TBJ) which states that “Lunchmeat” was canned by the team before taking the floor in his capacity as a “Stormchaser.”

There apparently has not been any further developments nor any comment from the team at this point, but it will be interesting to see what comes of this story should it gain some serious traction on the interwebs. Will the Thunder rehire “Lunchmeat” due to some kind of fan backlash? Will anyone care once this story works its way through the short attention span news cycle? I’m leaning toward the latter. Sucks to be “Lunchmeat,” I guess, but with a nickname like that, he could always go get a job at Subway.