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Masters footage manipulated to make Augusta resemble mini golf course (video)

Brilliant. Utterly brilliant. The fantastic work depicted above was performed by vlogger ShavenApeLtd and it depicts the hallowed grounds of Augusta National as some kind of whacked-out, carnival-style miniature golf course. And just in time for the grand tournament to tee off on Thursday. Well-timed and brilliantly executed.

Culled from BBC footage of previous Masters, many features of a typical miniature golf course are included, like windmills, but the more bizarre images, like ginormous fans lining the right side of the fairway or dinosaurs surrounding a golfer on an already difficult bunker shot are much more compelling, in a tripped-out short of way.

Watching Tiger Woods shape his tee shot through a ring of fire or attempt a dastardly putt through a loopty-loop are among my favorites, but there are a whole bunch of hysterical images contained in this delightful video.

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