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Frat boy asks Kate Upton to be his date for fraternity formal (video)

In the latest in what has developed into something of an aggravating trend on the internet, an individual has uploaded a video to YouTube in the hopes that it attracts the attention of some celebrity, and by doing so, prompts said celebrity to agree to be their escort to some dance, formal event or whatnot. Guh.

In this case, the desperate individual in question is Christopher Henken, a soon-to-be graduate of Penn State University. And his celebrity target? Miss Kate Upton. You see, Henken would like Kate Upton to be his date for his final formal event as a member of the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Video invite follows.

The one-minute video, uploaded April 3, Henken ties to make his case by pointing out that due to her rapid rise to worldwide-known celebrity as the most in-demand swimsuit model, Upton wasn’t allowed to enjoy such trivially benign events like a frat formal, so, for one night, Henken suggests she can take a break from being “Supermodel Kate Upton” and instead simply be “a beautiful girl having a nice time with a nice guy.” Good luck with all that. I’m sure no one at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity formal will even notice that his date is Kate Upton, especially in light of the fact that he made a YouTube video that I’m sure he told all his frat buddies all about.

A few thoughts from Henken on the invite extended to Upton:

“Since exploding onto the scene as last year’s Rookie of The Year in Sports Illustrated, she has taken over the modeling world,” said Henken, who is set to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

“She’s only 19 years old but has managed to make herself into a bit of a household name.”

“Modeling is obviously an art just like any other, so it proves that she’s put in a lot of work to get where she is,” he added. “That’s pretty cool to me.”

To his credit, at least Henken is remaining realistic regarding the likelihood of his dream date scenario coming to fruition, saying, “Knowing how popular and busy she is, I would honestly just love a response.” Smart move. Also something I’m sure will bolster his chances: the fact that he was raised to be a gentlemen by his parents:

“But it’s not everyday that celebrities get to enjoy the little things out of the spotlight and my parents raised me to treat a lady with kindness and respect so I would simply do just that.”

There you go. I’m sure that little nugget will turn the tide in his favor. Kate Upton, book your trip to the Penn State campus. There’s a frat formal that needs attending!