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Chicago rapper comes to defense of Steve Bartman in song, ‘Don’t Blame Steve’ (video)

Well, it’s high time some rapper from the City of Big Shoulders stepped up to the mic to deliver a rhyme-based defense of the most maligned Chicago Cubs superfan in the tortured franchise’s history: Steve Bartman.

In “Don’t Blame Steve,” Serengeti drops knowledge on listeners by pointing out the devastating loss by the Cubs to the Marlins in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS shouldn’t be laid squarely on the shoulders of Bartman:

The team collapsed
eight runs in the eighth
error, managerial
and pitching mistakes
they blamed it all on the fella
to my left

There you have it. Thanks to Serengeti, perhaps the long overdue rift between Bartman and Cubs Nation can begin its slow process to reconciliation and the return of the exiled Cubs fan’s into the back into the greater Cubs fan community. Or not. It is just a song after all. A good one with a good message, yes, but still.

[H/T Big League Stew]