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Timberwolves overdub retro footage from the ’70s to promote team (videos)

The Minnesota Timberwolves are having a renaissance of sorts as it pertains to NBA relevancy, and one needn’t look much further than the amount of teammade and fan-created viral videos that have been circulating the interwebs since the beginning of this season. And while Ricky Rubio’s season-ending knee injury let the air out of any hope of reaching the postseason this year, a nice foundation is now in place for the future of the franchise.

The Timberwolves marketing department surely knows this and realizes that building upon the quirkiness of the team’s viral video phenomenon is the best way to go to properly promote the team, as evidenced by the two bizarre commercials recently uploaded to the team’s YouTube channel which feature retro footage from the 1970s overdubbed with the characters discussing the T’Wolves.

In the first video (above), a sinister-looking gent on a screen is told that he resembles head coach Rick Adelman by two lasses communicating with him (“Like me, Rick Adelman is a handsome man, so I thank you!”). Despite his threats to destroy their planet, one of the women says she still not give him her Nikola Pekovic jersey. Once the refusal is made and he powers up his death ray, the woman changes her mind and says he looks more like Mark Cuban. Burn.

The second ad follows.

This one is far too bizarre to even attempt to explain, so just watch:

Weird stuff, man.