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This just in: Eli Manning nearly has the physique of a blogger (photos)

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, but the physique New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning put on display while hanging out with his adorable daughters and beautiful wife at a Miami hotel on Monday is a bit surprising. And while the pics contained in this photo gallery are cute enough, what struck me most was the non-Super Bowl-winning quarterback physique sported by Eli. Granted, it is the offseason and it really shouldn’t come as a shock that Manning may have let himself go a little bit during his post-Super Bowl championship revelry. And I suppose he has more than earned it, too. Still, the image of a pasty, slightly-out-of-shape man who happens to be a two-time Super Bowl-winning QB does cause the regular guys among us to identify with Manning a bit more than we probably should.

But exactly how did Manning allow himself to get into such semi-flabby shape, relatively speaking?

Aha. Gotcha. That makes sense. You know, the more I see of this guy, the more I think he’s more like us than I originally suspected. Minus the fact he’s a first class professional athlete, has millions of dollars and is adored by legions of fans. Other than that, like peas in a pod.