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Kate Upton’s DirecTV ad provides ample reasons to switch from cable (video)

Kate Upton’s assault on pop culture and quest for global domination just keeps on trucking, as evidenced by her latest promotional foray: a sultry commercial for satellite provider DirecTV.

Since the New York Post does such an excellent job of utilizing wordporn to explain the ad, I’ll quote them here:

As the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl tosses hear beachy blonde hair, she coos, “Go get DirecTV. Right now.”

A moment later, she adds, “I’ll wait.”

Upton doesn’t need to speak any more in the ad, instead posing seductively in the sand and against a palm tree. She teasingly peers out from behind the tree, soon disappearing behind the trunk as DirecTV’s logo materializes.

There you have it. But if DirecTV thinks for a second that I’m going to make the switch from cable, they have another thing coming. I’m comfortable with my cable service, thank you very much, and no matter how alluring, sexy and seductive Miss Upton appears in their new ad, the enticing images alone simply are not sufficient enough to convince me to buy their product. Perhaps advertising works on more simple-minded folks, but not this guy.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some things to do, like ordering some Zoo York gear and Skullcandy products online before I head out to the convenience store to pick up some SoBe before stopping at Hardee’s for some lunch. Busy day.