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Tebow looking at luxury rental property on golf course in Sanchez’s neighborhood

Apparently, it’s not bad enough to begin with that Tim Tebow is moving in on New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s turf on the team’s roster, now rumors are that Tebow is moving in on the incumbent Jets starting quarterback’s neighborhood.

CNBC reports (by way of Shutdown Corner) that Tebow is eyeing a luxurious rental cottage in the posh community surrounding Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., in the same area as a rental that Sanchez also calls home.

The fully furnished, fully equipped, 4-bedroom cottage is approximately 30 minutes away from the Jets practice facility, is nearby two top-tier golf courses (something Tebow, who has taken an interest in golf, would undoubtedly appreciate) and rents for the tidy sum of $10,000/month. The spacious rental Tebow is reportedly looking at is one of only two rentals of this caliber available in the neighborhood, with Sanchez being the tenant of the other one.

Representatives from Trump National Golf Club would not confirm or deny that Tebow is looking at the rental, and Tebow’s agent had no comment. But let’s say Tebow does make the decision to settle in and make himself comfortable: can you imagine how awkward the neighborhood barbecues are going to be? Sanchez probably has enjoyed being the only NFL quarterback in the area, now along comes Tebow to ruin it all for him. Again.