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Female comedian nails Ricky Rubio’s accent, signature moves in tribute video

Up here in Minnesota, we remain heartbroken over Timberwolves rookie point guard Ricky Rubio’s severe injury that knocked him out for the season and effectively — albeit temporarily — derailed the team’s return to respectability (despite Kevin Love’s night-after-night heroics). He quickly became a fan favorite, not only in Minnesota, but all over the country.

To lift our spirits up here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (and perhaps elsewhere), Midwestern comedian Mary Mack put together a tribute video of sorts where she puts on a floppy wig, paints on a beard and does a pretty darn good job of mimicking Rubio’s unique, heavily accented voice and does a reasonably well in imitating the point guard’s on-court moves. It’s quite the hoot. Well done, Miss Mary Mack.

[H/T RandBall]