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A’s ad stars Dallas Braden’s tattoo of Rollie Fingers riding a dolphin (video)

Rollie Fingers is referred to as “an A’s legend” in the introduction to the latest commercial from the Oakland Athletics which promotes the mustachioed reliever’s upcoming Bobblehead Night on April 22. In a humorous bit, Rollie’s place in the pantheon of Oakland legends is not lost on current starting pitcher Dallas Braden, who upon meeting Mr. Fingers, reveals to the Hall of Famer that he is such a huge fan he has had several tattoos done in Rollie’s honor.

The first one is a mustache on his finger so he can simulate Fingers’ trademark facial hair simply by placing his finger above his lip. The second one is the kicker: a tattoo of Rollie Fingers riding a dolphin in front of a rainbow. Now that, my friends, would be an epic tattoo. It’s a shame that it isn’t real…or is it?

No, it’s not, but the exchange between Braden and Fingers closes with Braden asking Fingers if the legend wants to see the last tattoo, which happens to be inked on his lower back. Now that, my friends, would have been a Bad Idea Tattoo. Even if it were a temporary one.

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