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Tim Tebow returns to Twitter, pokes fun at incessant mentioning of how he’s ‘excited’

After 18 long, tweet-less days, Tim Tebow finally re-emerged on Twitter om Thursday evening for the first time since he became a quarterback for the New York Jets. Tebow immediately (and humorously) made fun of how everyone noticed that he said some variation of “excited” 44 times during his introductory news conference earlier this week, tweeting, “I’ve already said it 44 times so here goes number 45: I’m really excited to be a Jet! Haha! All joking aside it’s truly an honor…”

An honor? Huh. I thought he’d mention something about feeling blessed, as that is usually his modus operandi when it comes to expressing how he feels about things. As you can see above, he even gave a shout-out to Fireman Ed, something I’m sure will swell Ed’s head up to such a degree he won’t be able to put that dang helmet on for at least a week.

Tweeting that “Now that things have settled down a bit…”, Tebow, via tinypaste, sent out the following message to Denver Broncos fans:

“Well, that was an interesting couple of weeks! Now that things have finally settled down a bit, I wanted to take a moment to thank all you great Denver fans for all of your support. The ride that we were able to enjoy together this past season is something that I will always cherish. I’d also like to thank all of my former coaches and teammates as it was an honor to play for and alongside each of you. I will always be grateful to the Broncos organization for giving me to the initial opportunity to fulfill my dream of being an NFL quarterback. GB.”

Wait. What’s all this “GB” stuff? Why is he making a reference to the initials of the hometown of the Packers to close his heartfelt message? Strange…


Well, that about wraps everything up related to his brief, yet eventful, tenure in Denver, although I suspect Tebow is the kind of guy who will drop the dough it requires to take out a full-page ad in The Denver Post to ensure that even internet-illiterate folks will receive his message of thanks and gratitude as well.