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Lindsey Vonn discusses rumors about her dating Tim Tebow on ‘Access Hollywood’

After Olympics downhill skiing superstar Lindsey Vonn Tebowed after winning a race in Colorado last December, speculation was rampant that it was somehow a clever nod to indicate that she was romantically involved with then-Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. A few weeks later, Vonn was cornered by TMZ and pressed about the rumored relationship. Vonn insisted she wasn’t dating Tebow but wouldn’t be opposed to dating him.

Fast forward to the present time. In an interview that is scheduled to air Thursday, Vonn sat down with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover for an Access Hollywood interview, where she addressed the rampant rumors, her friendship with Tim Tebow’s brother, Robby, and her thoughts on the speculated coupling.

“Is it hard being single now, because you’re so pretty and out there? You did one Tebow move and next thing you’re married with a baby with him,” Kit asked Lindsey, referring to her celebratory Tewboing after her World Cup victory in December that first sparked the romance rumors.

“Who knew it could go that fast?” the athlete said.

“He’s a stud… why not date him?” Billy said of Tebow.

“I’m not going to say that.”

Vonn continues on, discussing how she even reached out to Tebow’s family to discuss the rampant, persistent gossip:

“I talk to Robby all the time and we’re like, ‘This is really weird. Just tell Timmy I’m sorry and I don’t know what’s going on,” she told Billy and Kit.

Haha. Timmy.

Ultimately, this should likely put the kibosh on any further rumors related to any relationship between the two stars. Add to that the gossip out of Austria that Vonn is supposedly getting hot and heavy with Olympic pole vaulter Brad Walker and the flames of a potential romance between Vonn and Tebow have for all intents and purposes been extinguished.

It is amusing how Vonn, a respected and highly successful athlete, sat down with Access Hollywood, of all outlets, to discuss the Tebow rumors. It would be like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift appearing on SportsCenter to discuss the rumors that she allegedly is interested in the Jets quarterback. Actually, that would be kind of cool.