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If interested, you can be the proud owner of this Brett Favre Vikings Leg Lamp

Wait. What?

It has been a few years since Brett Favre has donned purple, strapped on a helmet and was just having fun out there as a member of the Minnesota Vikings, but that apparently has not decreased demand for Favre-related Vikings merchandise. At least in this one peculiar instance.

Yep, if you have ever thought to yourself, “Say, you know what would really tie this rec room together? A disturbing Brett Favre Leg Lamp!”, you sir, are in luck. Because available at something called the Blu Dot Swap Meet, the above lamp is apparently available for, um, swap. Surprisingly, 45 people have indicated that this item is “swap-worthy,” so I wouldn’t waste any time jumping at the opportunity to land this bad boy.

The details:

This beautiful 45-inch full size leg lamp has the authentic look of the hall-of-fame Brett Favre. This leg lamp has a sleek attractive curve and design right down to his rib side insert pants. It also show cases a custom painted lamp shade, and one black athletic shoe. This homemade lamp is sure to be the center piece of any front room window at Blu Dot. The lampshade does light up, this “Fragile” item will not be shipped in a large wooden crate:-)

Beautiful? Authentic look? Sleek attractive curve? What the fungus?

I will, however, give the purveyor of this curious item some credit for the clever reference to A Christmas Story. Well crafted, swap meet person.

[H/T Purple Jesus Diaries]