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If forced to choose, Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen says he’s more of a butt man

As Spring Training winds down, the always entertaining, often illuminating and frequently controversial Ozzie Guillen is currently settling into his role as the brand new Miami Marlins manager. He recently engaged in a Twitter interview with GQ writer Dan Hyman to discuss a multitude of topics baseball-related and otherwise, but by far the most illuminating back-and-forth tweeting involved a question posed en espanol related to Ozzie’s preference when it comes to what womanly features he finds most attractive.

@GQ: ¿Prefieres tetas o culo?
@OzzieGuillen: Prefiero culo. Gracias a dios mi esposa tiene uno y siempre lo a tenido

 For non-Spanish speakers, the exchange can be loosely translated as follows (and by loosely, I of course mean lazily copied and pasted into Google Translate — and then somewhat sanitized):

@GQ: Do you prefer a women’s breasts or butt?
@Ozzie Guillen: I prefer butt. Thank God my wife has one and always has had one

So there you have it. Ozzie Guillen is a butt man and uses the opportunity to praise his wife’s posterior. Well played, Ozzie.