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Condemned man’s words after receiving lethal injection: ‘Go Cowboys!’

Jesse Joe Hernandez, a convicted child sex offender who was in prison for the murder of Karlos Borja, a 10-month-old boy he was baby-sitting 11 years ago, was executed Wednesday by lethal injection. A person’s individual and personal views of capital punishment notwithstanding, what this convicted murderer said upon administration of the toxic cocktail that would ultimately — and quickly — lead to his death was incredibly bizarre: he mentioned his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. Certainly not the manner in which the Cowboys like to get their name in the news, to be sure.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth describes the macabre scene (via Off the Bench):

“God bless everybody. Continue to walk with God,” the 47-year-old Hernandez said. Moments later, he shouted “Go Cowboys!” in honor of his favorite football team.

As the drugs took effect, the condemned man repeated his appreciation for those he knew who had gathered to witness the execution. “Love y’all, man,” Hernandez said. “… Thank you. I can feel it, taste it. It’s not bad.”

He took about 10 deep breaths, which grew progressively weaker until he was no longer moving. Ten minutes later, at 6:18 p.m. CDT, he was pronounced dead.

Gotta support the team. Yikes.