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Super Freak: Video has surfaced of LeBron James’ Rick James karaoke jam

It was only a matter of time, but video has finally surfaced of the impressive karaoke jam of “Superfreak” by Rick James performed by one LeBron James during a charity event hosted by Shane Battier on Tuesday night in Miami Beach. And if you thought Miami Heat president Pat Riley’s singing “My Girl” wasn’t hilarious enough — albeit in an unintentional way —  LeBron’s “Super Freak” performance certainly takes the cake. The wig really ties the whole performance together. But in all seriousness, LeBron does a great job of cutting loose and performing an admirable rendition of the classic funk tune.

A close-up of LeBron hamming it up follows.

Ha. Awesome. If only LeBron could grow out his hair like that and sport an awesome do a la Rick James. But the whole male pattern baldness thing puts the kibosh on that. Sadly.