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Professor Jose Canseco has scheduled a pop quiz on global warming for Wednesday

The above message, tweeted early Wednesday morning, let all those who follow Jose Canseco on Twitter know that he will be dropping some knowledge about global warming on the Twittersphere sometime Wednesday and of course, there will be a pop quiz afterward. But will it be multiple choice or an essay? Will Canseco be grading them all on his own or will we be exchanging quizzes for peer grading? Does any credit earned via the Jose Canseco Twitter Correspondence Course qualify for transfer for college credits? Jeez, talk about test anxiety.

Speaking of clowns, all this dolt needs is a red nose, some floppy shoes and a wig and he’d fit the bill perfectly. But then his global warming pop quiz would really seem out of place since he would then be more qualified to teach at a clown college. Huh.