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Joel Przybilla, who is 7’1″, got rejected by the rim on a dunk attempt (video)

Oh dear. That has to be embarrassing.

During the Portland Trail Blazers-Oklahoma City Thunder game on Tuesday evening, Blazers center Joel Przybilla was the beneficiary of slick pass inside by teammate Nolan Smith. Finding himself all alone underneath the bucket, Przybilla managed to get about an inch off the ground during his leap, which resulted in his dunk attempt clanking off the rim.

The seven-foot-plus baller somehow managed to compose himself enough to retrieve the ball after his epic fail dunk attempt, but his next shot was soundly rejected by Thunder big man Serge Ibaka. Hoo boy.

In the end, the Thunder ended up beating the Trail Blazers by a score of 109-95, so it’s not like Przybilla’s embarrassing gaffes made much of a difference in the ultimate outcome of the game, but still: awkward.

As far as humiliating things that could occur to a 7’1″ professional basketball players are concerned, getting rejected by the rim on a dunk has to be way up there. That’s like a sports blogger being unable to make a dated pop culture reference in a post to illustrate a point, something that unfortunately is happening to me right at this moment.

Um, Calgon take me away?

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