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UNC PG Kendall Marshall was in a glass case of emotion when he wrote this tweet

North Carolina Tar Heels point guard Kendall Marshall sustained a broken right wrist during Sunday’s regional semifinal victory over Creighton and despite making some progress, his immediate status is still uncertain as the team prepares for its Sweet Sixteen matchup with 13th-seeded Ohio on Friday, news which elicited this somewhat humorous, yet exasperated, quote from head coach Roy Williams on Thursday:

“I just know the kid tells me he can’t brush his teeth yet. How the dickens can he play a basketball game if he can’t brush his teeth? I mean, he can go out there with bad breath, but you’ve still got to be able to play the dadgum game.”

Ha. Dadgum and dickens? Haven’t heard those words uttered in the same sentence since my grandpa complained that grandma forgot to buy a bag of Werther’s on her trip to the pharmacy.

Obviously, Marshall is taking the injury and its recovery pretty hard, and despite the relative humor of Coach Williams’ dire analysis of the situation, the tweet Marshall sent out into the interwebs Thursday is even more hilarious, if a bit nonsensical.

But hey, he was probably in a glass case of emotion when he tweeted it and one can only imagine how difficult it must be to put on your ballet slippers while constrained in one of those so you can perform your ballet of emotions . Pile on a broken wrist and his frustration is understandable. Ouch.