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Topps unveils card of Peyton Manning wearing a Denver Broncos uniform (pic)

Manningface Illustrated.

Just when you thought that Tebowmania running wild in big, bad New York City was the only reason that Topps elected to unveil a Tim Tebow trading card with the quarterback fully regaled in a New York Jets uniform (even before he’s technically on the Jets roster, mind you), the company button-hooks us (didn’t know you were going to button-hook me) and issues a Peyton Manning trading card completely decked out in his brand-spanking new Denver Broncos uniform. Crazy stuff.

Topps Vice President Mark Sapir told the Associated Press that “It’s important to capture the sport accurately, which is why we’re doing everything we can to get the players in their new uniforms.” He explained the process by saying, “Literally, as soon as the Tebow announcement was made, there were emails made back and forth, doing everything as quickly as we can to make sure we get that card for football fans.”

The cards will be part of the 2012 Bowman set, slated for release in May.

(image via Beckett Media)