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Someone in Virginia already has a Robert Griffin III-themed license plate (photo)

As far as vanity plates go, I guess this is pretty clever and should attract some attention for fellow motorists who are also cuckoo for the quarterback who should end up with Washington Redskins. But just for the sake of argument, is it a remote possibility that the Colts would take Robert Griffin III over Andrew Luck? (cue Twilight Zone theme)

But overall, my personal opinion? Given that I live in Minnesota, I’d have to give this vanity plate commemorating the likely impending arrival of RG3 in D.C. a “Meh.” As a Vikings fan, If I were ever to get vanity plates, you know I’m going with…um…

Forget it. Put me down for some “ASSMAN” vanity plates. Now, that’s how you attract the right kind of attention.

[H/T Mr. Irrelevant]