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For $26, Texas Rangers fans can order a Champion Dog, a ginormous 1-pound hot dog

The Texas Rangers have announced that one of the many culinary delicacies that will be available at the Ballpark in Arlington this coming season will be what they have named the Champion Dog, and as you can see from the above menu description, it’s quite the doozy of a Frankfurter. But 26 bucks? The three-pound Moby Dick fish sandwich the Lake County Captains are selling this season for twenty bucks seems like a much better deal. But then again, that is the minor leagues.

Said Philip Wheatley, the park’s food and beverage director (via FOX Sports Southwest, by way of Deadspin):

“We wanted something that somebody would walk up to and go, ‘Wow.’ We obviously do hot dogs well. We worked with a local purveyor of ours to come up with something that big. We just thought a one-pound hot dog would be a fun thing to do, more so for the look. Hopefully people will enjoy it.”

The report goes on to mention that presentation will be a big component of the hot dog’s entire appeal, as if one should order the monstrosity at the Captain Morgan sports bar, it will be served on a 2-foot long cutting board.

Obviously, seeing the humongous hot dog carried out on a sizable cutting board certainly does have something of a “Wow” factor to it, and in light of the nature of the food, it reminds me of another time the presentation of a wiener was the key to the “Wow” factor: the “Hot Dog” scene in the Tom Hanks comedy classic, Bachelor Party, a scene which, sadly, is not available on YouTube. Well, maybe that’s a good thing. We’re running a family-friendly sports blog here, people.