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Erin Andrews, LeBron James engage in Twitter back-and-forth about Florida unis

The Florida Gators beat the No.3 seed Marquette Golden Eagles Thursday night in their Sweet Sixteen matchup by a score of 68-58 to advance in the NCAA Tournament. As impressive as the victory may have been, much of the talk on Twitter revolved around the uniforms the team was wearing. Many were of the opinion that they were atrociously ugly (see here), including one LeBron James, who tweeted, “Am I the only one finding it hard to watch this Marquette vs Fla game cause of the Gators uni’s or is it just the TV in my room on?”

That disparaging statement regarding the unis elicited a response from Florida alum Erin Andrews, who promptly replied, “it’s just the TV : )!!!” to which LeBron tweeted in response, “Haaa! Yeah if u say so. Coming from a Gator herself.” Zing.

The two moved on to briefly discuss the status of their brackets and that was about it. So, I guess what I’m getting at here is that card-carrying members of the Beautiful People Brigade like Erin Andrews and LeBron James? They’re a lot like us. They can have as benign and meaningless Twitter conversations at the rest of us. But they’re famous, you see, so we’re supposed to pay attention to what they do and say and tweet and stuff. So, uh, yeah.