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Young soccer fan’s wrist broken by wayward shot from Wayne Rooney (video)

Nine-year-old soccer fan Jamie Thomas was attending his first soccer match featuring Manchester United — his favorite team — when the most painful yet awesome (more on that later) thing happened: an errant shot by striker Wayne Rooney during warm-ups came bearing down straight at him. Young Jamie put up his hands to shield himself, resulting in an injury to his wrist.

Sitting in the front row with his old man last Sunday for the Manchester United match against the Wolverhampton Wanderers, Thomas tried to shake it off at first, but the pain became too much for the wee lad, and after 45 minutes of sitting there in extreme discomfort, Thomas left his seats and was ultimately taken to the hospital after his arm began to swell considerably. The diagnosis after X-rays were taken? Broken wrist. A clean break, even.

But if you think Thomas is upset at his rotten luck, think again. Here is how he characterized the entire experience (via Off the Bench):

“It all happened so fast, one minute I was watching Wayne take shots at goal and the next the ball was flying towards me.

“It was coming really fast and I just put my hands up.

“I felt like a rocket had hit my arm but I was buzzing because Wayne had kicked it.

“I thought my arm and wrist was okay but it was getting more painful.”

Jamie added: “I missed most of the second half but it was worth it. I think it’s brilliant that Wayne Rooney broke my wrist

“Everyone at school wanted to sign my plaster cast.”

Awesome. He probably was the most popular kid in class.

Video follows.

Rooney was initially unaware that Thomas was injured, but to his credit, once word got back to the superstar, he took to Twitter to apologize, and later reported that arrangements have been made for the young man to receive a letter from him as well as a signed shirt. Not too shabby for a busted-up wrist. At least it’s not according to Jamie Thomas.