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Kate Upton joins Skullcandy as first member of its ‘Supermodel Crew’ (photos)

The company Skullcandy, who refers to itself as a “high growth performance lifestyle audio brand,” scored a major marketing coup when it announced — and more importantly, published photos in concert with said announcement — that swimsuit model du jour Kate Upton has joined forces with the brand as the first member of the company’s “Supermodel Crew.” Well done, Skullcandy.

In Skullcandy’s press release, Upton, quoted following a photo shoot, said that she’s “a long-time fan of Skullcandy and can’t wait to unveil some of the fun things we have planned,” adding that she’s “thrilled to be on the Skullcandy roster alongside many of the world’s best athletes and artists.”

Unveil, indeed. And as we have learned with the lovely Miss Upton, unveiling is most definitely in her repertoire.

Hopefully, this latest foray into celebrity pitch-woman territory generates less controversy than Upton’s most recent efforts working with Zoo York and Hardee’s. Although at the same time, as it is often said, there’s really no such thing as bad publicity. I imagine Zoo York and Hardee’s are inclined to agree.

(photos courtesy of Skullcandy)