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Jeremy Shockey tweets irrefutable evidence proving he’s not the snitch (pic)

Well, can’t much argue with that compelling piece of evidence.

Jeremy Shockey, who has come under fire after he was fingered by Warren Sapp as being a member of a group of  folks who deservedly get stitches for his accused role as a snitch in the New Orleans Saints Bountygate scandal — something the tight end has since vehemently deniedfired off a tweet Thursday that read, “The truth shall set u free!! Read the text” along with the above pic attached which provides certifiable, iron-clad documentation that he was not, in fact, the aforementioned snitch.

Try as you might to poke holes in Shockey’s convincing case against the unfair condemnation he has suffered — an argument that has been considerably bolstered by the above text message exchange with Saints head coach Sean Payton — if  you must, but if you ask me, there’s simply no way possible that something like this could not be true. Especially because it’s on the internet (of course) and not only that, it comes from a respectable source like Sean Payton, who has in no way through his actions as of late impeached his standing as a trustworthy, honest individual.