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GAH! Run for your lives! King Kong Tebow has been unleashed upon New York! (pic)

Wow. This must have been a mere moments before — but not before he thanked his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ — King Kong Tebow left Times Square to scale the Empire State Building and battle war planes flown by heathens.

Well played, New York Post. Your challenge to the New York Daily News for the most ridiculous Tim Tebow cover from a New York rag has been duly noted. Although I have to argue that the “GOD HIM!” aspect of the cover might not play well with Tebowophiles. But hey, you can’t please them all.

And yes, I concur that as far as the riffing on the names of mythical monsters that have been unleashed upon the great city of New York in movies are concerned, Tebowzilla might have rolled off the tongue better, but I’ll be damned if give that 1998 atrocity of a film starring Matthew Broderick any semblance of respect other than by just castigating it.