Sportress of Blogitude


And now, your DERP! sports headline of the day, courtesy of Darren Rovell (pic)

(slaps forehead, reminds myself I coulda had a V8)

But please tell us, Darren Rovell, with your savvy math mind and the use of your trusty calculator, how many lawsuits have been filed against the NFL related to concussions for each time you have awkwardly hit on Kate Upton? That’s a tough one.

Better yet, how about a pop quiz? Grab your pencil:

1) If there have been 49 lawsuits filed against the NFL related to concussions and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was suspended for 16 regular season games, how many concussion lawsuits have been filed for each game?

2) And if the plaintiffs involved in the lawsuits left the train station headed on a direct route from St. Louis to San Diego traveling at 43 miles an hour and Sean Payton left the same train station on the same track 15 minutes later on a train traveling 36 miles an hour, how much later would the train Payton is traveling in reach the destination?

And show your work this time, Rovell.