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World Series hero David Freese given style makeover by GQ (photos)

To say that the transformation that David Freese experienced last fall, going from a relatively unknown bit player (at least outside of Missouri) on the St. Louis Cardinals roster to World Series MVP was a drastic one would be something of an understatement.

Following his World Series heroics last October, the third baseman became a certified MLB star, thrown into a whirlwind of late night television appearances, an appearance where he shared the stage with Erin Andrews at the Country Music Awards to best of all, kicking it with none other than Justin Bieber.

But the fashion mavens at GQ noticed that his personal style was no longer befitting a person of his stature and fame, so for part of their 2012 MLB Preview, GQ gave Freese a makeover.

As you can see above, Freese was not a complete mess, he just lacked some finishing touches that would turn him from a slightly unkempt baseball player to MLB fashion icon. You can see his transformation below.

Breaking down “Project Upgrade, ” starring David Freese, via GQ:

About a year ago, St. Louis Cardinals third baseman David Freese was Mr. Average. He drove an ’01 Acura (a hand-me-down from his dad). He slept on his buddy’s couch while in between apartments. His stylist was a Great Clips beautician. But then, with one small swing adjustment (planting his foot before the ball arrived), Freese traded average for Oh, my Lord! He won World Series MVP (and a Corvette). He appeared on Leno. (Warm-up act: Justin Bieber.) He went to the White House. About the only thing still average was his style. Until now.

The finished product:

There you have it. Man, I wish GQ would give me a style makeover. At the same time, I just took a look at myself in a full-length mirror and I have to say, I make this ensemble of tan cargo pants, black Vans sneakers and green retro Minnesota North Stars hooded sweatshirt look prettay prettay prettay good. Don’t hate on it.


(photo credit: Eric Ray Davidson/GQ)