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Tony Dungy puts Tebow trade to Jets in its proper, potty-mouth-based perspective

Ha! Welcomes the challenge. I bet he does. Oh, Tony Dungy: you Christian, profanity-hating cad you!

You may recall former clean-as-a-whistle NFL coach-turned-squeaky-clean NFL analyst Tony Dungy’s previous preaching about the prevalence of the profanity emanating from the mouth of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s potty-mouth during the Jets franchise’s run as stars of the HBO series, Hard Knocks. Well, Dungy couldn’t help himself Wednesday on Twitter to discuss Ryan and his swearing ways as it pertains to how all-around good guy Tim Tebow, now that he will be subjected to Ryan’s fiery persona now that he is a New York Jet, might  attempt to tackle the issue.

Well played, Coach Dungy. Daggummit.