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Redskins owner Dan Snyder and coach Mike Shanahan seen at Hooters in Waco (photo)

The Washington Redskins brain trust flew down to Waco, Texas to take in Robert Griffin III’s pro day at Baylor on Wednesday. Given that even rich people need to eat and operating under the assumption that the fine dining options in Waco are not what one would expect in Washington, D.C., Redskins owner Dan Snyder and head coach Mike Shanahan decided to grab some grub at the local Hooters. I heard they have good wings.

D.C. Sports Bog provides an excellent rundown of the goings-on while the two were at the Hooters (and other Waco-area eateries as well), which makes sense given that particular site focuses upon D.C. Sports (hence the name), so head on over there for more details, but for the purposes of this site, the photo in and of itself is amusing enough to warrant a brief mention and ask but one question:

Do you think it’s possible that Dan Snyder, after being tantalized by the aroma of the aforementioned delicious wings, attempted to grossly overpay for his meal, despite the fact that one of the comely Hooters waitresses insisted that the price is the same for everybody? You know, because he always pays way too much for free agents and it would be funny to translate his willingness to overspend for his dining experiences?

Also, what are the odds that Shanahan inquired of his server the quality of Waco-area tanning salons? I mean, look at the guy. He’s like George Hamilton, only more overrated in his chosen profession.