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Denver Broncos receive trade offer for Tim Tebow from minor league baseball team

Good news for the Denver Broncos: if the organization is having difficulty locating a fellow NFL team to partner up with so the team can unload Tim Tebow by way of a trade, at least there is one offer already on the table, should they be willing to think outside the box a bit.

Granted, should the Broncos be open to considering to do business with this prospective trade partner, it will not help the team shore up any deficiencies it has on its roster, nor will doing so help the Broncos stockpile draft picks (or, more likely, a late rounder or two), because this open and willing organization isn’t an NFL organization, it’s a minor league baseball team: the Lake Elsinore Storm from the California League.

Despite the fact that Tim Tebow is not known as a baseball prospect in any sense of the term, the Storm, the Class A – Advanced farm team of the San Diego Padres, feel retaining Tebow’s services could help generate some interest in the ball club and the minor league team also feels it has some compelling components in the package that it can offer the Denver Broncos.

“We’re not sure about Tim’s baseball past,” said Storm Vice President/General Manager Chris Jones, “but we are sure he could bring some of that Tebow magic to Lake Elsinore and would be a great addition to our ballclub.”

And the Storm’s offer? Not only will it rename their ballpark Elway Stadium if the Broncos trade Tim Tebow to the team, they have sweetened the deal even more with the following trade components:

“We know that Tim was the cause for late-game comebacks in Denver and we have our own leader of rallies, the Rally Cop. We would like to offer the Broncos the Rally Cop as well as the Grounds Crew Gorilla, winner of an MiLB Golden Bobble head last season, in exchange for Tebow,” said Jones.

The Storm has even initiated a grass roots campaign to let the Broncos know they are so serious about obtaining Tebow that they have completed the grueling task of creating a Twitter hashtag: #TebowToTheStorm. That’s serious stuff.

Photos of the Rally Cop (seen Tebowing with Thunder the Dog) and the Grounds Crew Gorilla follow below.

Seems like a pretty sweet deal. And given that the possibility remains that the Broncos might not receive anything worthwhile in trading Tim Tebow and may even have to release him outright to get him off the roster, well, that sweetens Lake Elsinore Storm’s unique trade offer that much sweeter.

[The Official Site of the Lake Elsinore Storm]