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And the 32 fan-selected players who will compete for the ‘Madden NFL 13’ cover are…

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Following a two-week play-in round where two players from each NFL team competed head-to-head to determine which one would represent their franchise in the next round which pits one player from each NFL roster in a fan-driven vote to see who will be the cover star on EA Sports Madden NFL 13, only one player from each franchise remains. The screengrab (via) above depicts those selected and who they will face-off against in the first round of the Cover Vote.

Questions abound. Is there a 16-seed that will be able to topple a 1-seed? Are the 6-seed against the 11-seed match-ups where you will see some upsets? Will a Cinderella Story emerge from this year’s tourney the way in which Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis took the fan vote by storm last year? Is anyone running a bracket for this and if so, how much do you have to pay to get in on the action? Fascinating stuff.

Oh, I kid. Here’s some quotes from some talking heads from ESPN and EA Sports, who have once again teamed up for the fan vote, talking about how awesome it all is:

“Every football fan has an opinion on who should be on the Madden NFL cover, which was highly visible given the overwhelming response and debate that ensued during last year’s campaign. We’re proud to once again put the fate of the game’s cover in our fans’ hands and let them decide who is worthy of becoming the Madden NFL 13 cover athlete,” said director of marketing Anthony Stevenson. “Our collaboration with ESPN and SportsNation helped elevate the campaign to new heights last year and we’re thrilled to team up again on this award-winning program.”

“Sports fans are embracing the new structure of the Madden NFL 13 cover vote and the response has been tremendous for the play-in round, which gives each team’s fans an increased voice in the player selected for the vote,” said Jamie Horowitz, Vice President, Original Programming and Production, ESPN.  “SportsNation has the most engaged social audience across the ESPN network, and enabling them to share their votes across Facebook was an ideal way to tap into some of football’s most passionate fans.”

That’s right, kids, you can make your voice heard. Find out more about how you can participate in the democratic process here. Neato. It’s kind of like presidential elections, but your vote apparently matters in determining the outcome.