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This is what a hockey player’s face looks like after it’s gashed by a skate blade (pic)

Yamma Hamma.

Portland Pirates (the AHL affiliate of the Phoenix Coyotes) forward Ryan Duncan suffered the nasty injury documented above after the skate of opponent Casey Wellman made its way across Duncan’s face during a game on Sunday. Not pretty. This gruesome image is right up there with Washington Capitals player Matt Hendricks’ torn ear photo (warning: that’s not pretty, either).

The Press Herald (by way of Puck Daddy) has the skinny on the slice:

Duncan was taken to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center by ambulance after his face was cut by Wellman’s skate midway through overtime. Duncan was cut from one cheek under his nose to the other cheek.

“It’s a nasty cut,” [Pirates Coach Ray Edwards] said. “It wasn’t bleeding that much, but we knew it was a bad one right away when he came to the bench. I just hope that they have a good plastic surgeon to sew him up.”

According to a tweet attached to the grisly photo from Duncan on Monday, the gash required four-and-a-half hours of surgery and an unbelievable forty-five stitches. Heavens to Betsy. It warrants noting that Duncan hash-tagged the tweet with “whysoserious,” so at least we know he has a sense of humor about it. Either that or the horrific disfigurement of his face has caused a psychotic breakdown and he is becoming the minor league hockey version of The Joker. Probably the former as opposed to the latter.