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Check out the wacky sneakers Marlins reliever Edward Mujica was wearing (pic)

What in the heck is going on with those crazy kicks? To properly document the fashion-backward individual wearing these things, these are the shoes that were sported by Miami Marlins relief pitcher Edward Mujica at an exhibition game against the Houston Astros.

And to clarify, Mujica did not get into the game, and even if he had, I doubt the umps would have allowed him to pitch in those things. With all the restrictions and whatnot imposed upon players which prevent them from wearing any clothing item or piece of equipment that could prove to be a distraction to an opponent, I imagine some Astros batters would have complained that it would be difficult to focus on the ball after being temporarily blinded by those things, although if he were ever allowed to wear them in Marlins Park, they would match the home run nightmare fuel sculpture in the team’s new ballpark in terms of over-the-top garishness perfectly. So the shoes have that going for them.