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Janey Mac! Minor league hockey team has done and dyed their ice green

In honor of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday on Saturday, the Erie Otters of the Ontario Hockey League have dyed the ice in their home rink a greenish hue. Gorblimey.

The Otters, based in Erie, Pa. is one of only three teams based in the United States to play in the OHL (the more you know) and on Saturday, March 17, the Otters will be facing the London Knights on that slightly off-putting green ice surface you see in the above photo (by way of Puck Daddy). Crazy stuff.

Now, as an individual of Irish heritage, I have a somewhat ambivalent opinion of St. Paddy’s Day. Sure, it’s all fun and games — at least until someone vomits on your shoes at your neighborhood pub — but in the end, the holiday essentially is nothing more than a day-long display of boorish behavior typically seen on New Year’s Eve, otherwise known as Amateur Night. That is why I prefer to stay in on this particular holiday. It’s safer, and you don’t run the risk of having to deal with the disturbing image of an inebriated yahoo dressed up as a Leprechaun urinating in the street. It’s a win-win really.

But if I were to venture out into the St. Patrick’s Day night, I probably would not attend a hockey game played out on green ice. Something about that greenish hue makes me think that if you’ve had a little bit too much of the creature, that nausea-inducing color might do much more harm than good.