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Florida Panthers fan’s mohawk has the team’s logo airbrushed into it (pic)

I’ve heard of face painting used as way to illustrate a person’s willingness to go all-out in their quest to satisfy their need to “Gotta Support the Team” before, but hair-painting? That’s new.

The Florida Panthers are having a phenomenal season. Currently sitting in first place in the Southeast and if the season ended today, the team would be the third seed in the Eastern Conference. That kind of success inspires fans to take their love for the team to the next level. Evidently.

Well done, Mohawk-sporting Florida Panthers Fan, as I can say with complete certainty that he was the only one in attendance at this particular game with that hairstyle. At least I hope so. How awkward would that have been had two people met up in the concourse with that hairdo? Talk about awkward.

[H/T Puck Daddy]