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Bracket stat from reveals 8 people need to be surgically sterilized

Courtesy of @ESPNStatsInfo comes these interesting statistical nuggets related to how folks performed overall in brackets for the NCAA Tournament done on, in particular the very troubling statistic that eight people – eight — did not have one correct selection on their bracket. One can only suspect that the level of mouth-breathing by these eight people completely fogged up their monitor screen, resulting in a screen so obscured by spittle and hot breath one could not even read the names of the teams, let alone make a reasonable analysis on which team to select. I mean, eight people picked against Kentucky for crying out loud.

On the other hand, perhaps these people intentionally tried to get every pick wrong, which, when you think about it, would be a far more impressive feat than getting every pick right. Let’s hope that’s the case. Otherwise, I weep for our future.