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Premier League chairman falls in fountain after booze availability rant (video)

Sir Dave Richards, the chairman of the Premier League, took a bit of a tumble a mere hours after he had gone on something of a rant complaining about the lack of available booze at the 2022 World Cup when Qatar hosts the event, a country where alcohol is banned.

Via the Telegraph:

One eyewitness of Richards’s stumble into the ornamental pool reported how his fellow FA board member, the Bolton Wanderers chairman, Phil Gartside had been called upon to fish out the “bedraggled” executive.

“Gartside helped fish him out and he looked shocked and bedraggled,” said the eyewitness. “He turned tail and left to get changed. He didn’t come back.”

Video follows:

While there was no indication that Richards, in the eloquent words of the Telegraph, “took on drink” prior to his impromptu dip in the ornamental pool, the very-public gaffe by the 68-year-old is also fresh on the heels of his recent controversial, “Get off my lawn” comments about how football was stolen from England by FIFA and the UEFA. So, with that in mind, Sir Dave Richards might wish he had taken on some drink so at least he’d have a good excuse for his recent dive into a wet pool of embarrassment.

Note: Richards has since apologized for his “The World stole football from England” tirade, although that doesn’t make his soaked stumble any the less amusing. It certainly has a “Michael Scott falling into the Koi Pond” quality to it, albeit less splashy.