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Man seated in stands behind LeBron James wearing a ‘FUK LBJ’ shirt (pic)

Obviously, it is likely that message on the young man’s t-shirt is directed at one LeBron James, given that the man was in attendance for the Heat-Bulls game in Chicago on Wednesday night and folks seem to enjoy taunting King James whenever he comes to town, whether it be vocal, t-shirt or sign-based or otherwise.

But as the old saying from Oscar Wilde goes, “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me as you will usually not stick the landing as you step onto your Jump to Conclusions mat and I’ll be standing there incredibly embarrassed.” Or it went something like that.

Anyway, isn’t it within the realm of possibility that this guy is a real hater of former President Lyndon Baines Johnson? Like maybe LBJ snubbed his dad at a political rally? Or perhaps this guy is some kind of hipster who enjoys wearing retro presidential campaign shirts from the 1968 Democrat primaries. Something to think about.

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